Monday, July 13, 2009


Sadly, not real. It's just a slightly dangerous magic trick. Look at 26 seconds, you can see where the ball she hit actually went. Look on the right edge of the path back towards where the table is, you'll catch a glimpse of the real ball.

The dude holding the aluminum bottle just flipped it back into the bushes with his fingers at the appropriate time. Earlier, someone had planted a pre-dented bottle in the bushes.

The real ball was a grounder back into the bushes. They might not have even digitally removed it. On such a low quality recording, you could probably hardly see the ball - and there's another giveaway. The "ball" that hits the can is way too clear for such a poor quality recording, it was digitally added later.

All that being said, I do NOT recommend trying this at home! Even attempting this the way I just described is very dangerous!! Especially if you've been drinking. You see, although she didn't have to hit the can to make the trick work, she did have to not hit one of the people. Sure, the area where there's no people is a much bigger target than the can, but there's still the possibility of hitting someone.

And if you think that's not a big deal, just ask Richard Dicks. One time we were out golfing (and drinking, of course) with Paddy. Richard hit a low grounder off to the right of the tee box, into some bushes. He took off after it, with the intention of taking a Mulligan on the shot. I casually teed up, addressed the ball, and as I was backswinging it occurs to Paddy what is about to happen. As if in slow motion (to him) he opened his mouth to yell "Stop!" but it was too late. I was already on the downswing and the ball drove straight and hard to the right, hitting Richard squarely in the right shoulder blade. He had a large welt for a month, and a sore shoulder for even longer.

But apart from the digital ball, it's just a basic magic trick. It would probably even work in person. The viewer's eye naturally follows where they think the ball should go, and they don't notice the grounder going towards the picnic table. Especially if they've been drinking. Probably no one was searching the bushes earlier for planted bottles.

Simple, when you know how it's done.

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