Thursday, July 9, 2009

Brewery Jobs: not all bad news.

Referring back to our earlier posts (here, here and here) on doomsday for liquor professionals... not all of the news is bad. While Johnny Walker consolidates, Brew Dog, also up in Scotland, are expanding. They've bounced their local government out of their offices to open more fementers, to open British hearts and palettes to more interesting and powerful flavors in their beers. [EDIT: THESE GUYS ARE SO BAD ASS THEY MADE A 1858 IPA RECIPE AND SENT THE BEER TO SEA FOR 2 MONTHS TO TRY AND GET IT RIGHT!]

This spirit can only do great things, British beers having gotten less creative as CAMRA has promoted a rather homogenous product. 'As long as its cask,' no breathers of course, (despite studies, by CAMRA, showing no difference) so if you can't sell a firkin (87 pints) in 5 days it'll be ruined. But remember to TOE THE LINE boys, image over substance, (dirty fucking 'Tabs). Grumble, grumble and that's another post.

And despite the cowardly running away of Iron City, breweries that have the stones to be interesting are hiring. Stone's looking for people, as is Dogfish head, both on Twitter no less.

The moral of the story, in a recession, business as usual might not do so well, but adventurous, interesting companies will be well poised to start an expansion. If you can't afford beer every day, that one special beer will be very important, and oh, look who's doing well.

(Above: The Brewers from Dogfish Head)

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