Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Status Symbol

I'm at the Green Day concert right now and am a little overwhelmed. (Clarification: when writing this there was still a solid half hour before the opening act came on. It would be pretty lame if I was writing this "during" the concert. Just finding a way to kill the time. My wife is playing a video game to pass the time.) I was in my early teens back when they were in their prime. Now that I'm nearly 30 I expected a crowd a little more my age. Boy was I wrong. A couple years ago they released American Idiot an it was a huge success, but I had no idea that it drew so much of the younger crowd. We walked into the Civic Arena and very quickly realize that we have a good 10-15 years on about 80% of the crowd. "Yea, like John Travolta before them, they are experiencing a second revival." And with that revival Green Day has drawn a whole knew fan base of 14-15 year olds.

Now I suppose it might seam childish to think this way, but when in situations like this I feel they need to find a way to distinguish myself from the voice cracking, pimple encrusted teeniboppers. I think it stems from the fact that even into my late twenties I've always looked young for my age. Until I was about 25 most strangers would guess my age to be 16. Then the hair started going (the only good thing to a receding hair line). Never the less, I feel the need to stand out so as to say "I'm not like all of you", and in situations like this nothing does a better job than booze.

It's fun to flaunt booze. You're around a bunch if 15 year olds smoking the pack of cigarettes they stole from Jimmy's mom, and they think they are the fuck'n shit. That is until you walk by with a nice cold brew in your hand, and they stare in envious awe. It feels good and you shouldn't be ashamed of it. So tonight I plan on pounding back a few more, and they're gonna be extra enjoyable because I know there are several dozen pairs of eyes on me and my wife that wish they could be like us. It's a status symbol, and why not enjoy it.

Here's to Booze! Cheers!


  1. And you're having so much fun you're blogging? Well, I must say the only songs I know of theirs are 12 years old now, and they probably don't play them anymore. 23 skidoo!! I bet that scene is a stone cold gas!

  2. I sent that while sitting around before the concert started. Actually the concert was a blast. It was a lot of fun. They put on a great show.

    But you could tell how young the crowd was because the beer vendor was the loneliest guy in the joint, and everyone was too scared to use the trough.

    Seriously though, great time!

  3. Ah...I would love to be able to have a beer status symbol. Being in merry old England, every chavy little kid has a can of lager...

  4. Shit! That's right?!

    Yea for America! USA USA USA! Just kidd'n

    Seriously though, being able to drink booze and flaunt it in front of our youth is one a America's great joys. I mean when work and life get you down, you can always say "at least I can go have a drink to drown my sorrows." Our youth has to settle for prescription drugs and being all emo and shit. If you don't have booze to distinguish yourselve from the little ones, what do you have?