Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mixing It Up

In a few short days it will be the weekend of Richard's annual party. I think he's mentioned this, but I'm feeling too lazy to go searching for the instances to link to. This year, it is tropical/luau themed.

Now, we know there's at least a few people out there reading this blog. Maybe not many, or regularly, but I'm interested in hearing from some of you. Paddy and I usually tend bar at this event, and I'd like to know what you think we should serve. I just started work on a cheat sheet for a few more unusual tropical drinks. The bar is pretty well stocked, as Richard has shown before:

...so damn near anything is a possibility. I'm looking for drinks 1) with appropriately themed names, and 2) that don't suck. What do you think should be on my cheat sheet? Blue Hawaiian Screw? Caribbean Queen? Screaming Multiple Orgasm On The Beach? What's tasty? What's interesting? What's your favorite? We'd love to know!


  1. I found this one and it sounds good

    Bahama Todd:
    1 oz each rum, vodka, gin and triple sec
    1/2 oz grenadine
    2 oz orange juice
    2 oz pineapple juice
    top off (~6-8 oz) cranberry juice

    (probably good with a 151 floater)

    Of course there is always Satan's Piss:
    151 and tobasco

  2. Sounds like a cranberry/grenadine/pineapple Zombie. Nice! I've put it on the sheet. Thanks!

    Anyone else?

  3. Ok, how about I give you one that's already on the sheet, which is 25 drinks long and growing quickly:

    Tropical Titty Twister:
    1/2 shot banana liqueur
    1/2 shot coconut rum
    1 splash Orange vodka
    1 splash Raspberry vodka
    1/2 shot cranberry juice
    1 splash soda water
    1 1/2 shots pineapple juice