Sunday, July 5, 2009

MOVING: Johnny Walker

Well, this is a shame. Johnny Walker is packing up shop and moving elsewhere from its original home in Kilmarnock, where the original John Walker sold whiskey distilled in his store. After 150 years, this distillery will close down. They have 27 distilleries, but want to combine to a single one (or few, it is unclear) to create a more homogenous product and because shipping seems to be so cheap. It is a shame and a copying of the worst beer tacticts, which we've railed against before. Despite our love of liquor, a lot of people choose based on ideology, history or other non-taste issues. It is about time these companies learned that.


  1. I couldn't agree more. Many people share an ideology with certain brands. Whether it is taking pride in supporting one's local brand, or feeling a connection with a particular business practice or style of craftsmanship.

    Sometimes these corporate execs need to step back and ask themselves "why do people likes our product.". I think they'd be surprised to realize it's NOT because their product is better than everyone else's.

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