Saturday, July 25, 2009

Johnny Walker Employees Stand Up

It looks like the employees who are on the chopping block at Johnny Walker are now standing up, thanks to UNITE. The story is here, thanks to The Publican for pointing it out on Twitter. You can read UNITE's position here. James P. Hoffa and the teamsters are behind the union. The Scottish Government is also on their side. You can even find them on Facebook.

We are behind them too. Its a shame when companies leave their homes and roots for profit. We're always told the average drinker can't tell the difference between low-grade liquors and buy based on brand loyalty. Moving your low-grade, homogenized liquor away from its historic roots undermines this very brand loyalty. We wish the Scots well!

(This isn't Rasputin, and he'd give him a run for his money)

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