Monday, July 6, 2009

A distant third?

First, that looks like 750ml, not a liter. I'm not sure if they even make 1 liter bottles, I think it's just fifths and handles. Second, there's about 17 shots in a bottle. Third, there's 18 of them. So even not counting all they spilled, they each got less than a shot.

I don't know about you, but when I drink Turkey, it's always doubles.

So it's a cool event, cool spectacle, and good way to get a party started and get everyone excited; but not exactly one of Hercules' Labors.

But here it is, after 5PM! I'm such a slacker. I suppose I should make this one a two-fer to make it up to you.

Well, I told you I drink doubles of Wild Turkey, usually on the rocks. It's a drink that gets you respect from the hardest of hardcore drinkers at the bar. But there are two who command even more respect than I when it comes to throwing back Turkey...


  1. They do make it in 1L bottles. You'll usualy only find them at duty free shops and at places like the PA WnS Outlet store down in WashPa.

  2. Ah. I only just recently started seeing anything but fifths and 325's in PA. They started selling handles, which is a terrible idea; and even worse, they started selling light travelers. Cause I do get tired lugging around a glass bottle of Turkey everywhere I go.