Sunday, April 12, 2009

Red Flag

Opps?!? I may have accidentally flagged my own blog for objectionable content. To those who oversee our little forum to the world, I have only one thing to say... "My Bad."

I mean it isn't easy when you've been drinking and all the text across the top of the screen is backwards and in Arabic. How was I supposed to know which button was which.

But I guess if they're scanning our site for objectionable content now, I might as well give them some.

I find this image highly objectionable, for many reasons that don't need explaining.

1 comment:

  1. It does bring up a good point, though. There's a few fucks and cocks lurking around in my posts. I know you and M. Randolph censor yours with asterisks, but I let it all hang out. And we've all told some stories that are off-color, or might warrant a "Do not try this at home." However, M. Randolph says the objectionable content thing is really meant for all-out porn, which we don't feature (unless you like booze WAY more than us). Though if you look closely at my last Fermentation Friday post, there are in fact some boobies. But you have to look really close.