Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PSA - those blue lips aren't hypothermia

It's interesting that B. James just posted his Thunderbird commercial. I had to modify my latest post a little here to make note of it.

After looking back on our last few months of posts, we've been on a little bit of a run with posts preaching responsibility with alcohol. We happen to be professional alcoholic, and the things we do should not be tried by...well, anyone. "Do as we say, not as we do." In these economic times, we find ourselves stretching our booze budgets. But at what point do you draw the line? At what point do you replace thrifty with just plain f*ck'n stupid? Well thanks to our friends over at cracked.com we have an answer. Once again Cracked has come to our aid, and has generated a list of the world's 5 worst ways to get drunk.

The next time your thinking about grabbing that bottle of Thunderbird, why not instead take a ride on the Night Train Express.

EDIT: Sorry R-Dicks (R Huge), but I just have to add this, about Blue Nun: the wine so bad it made the news! ~mR 

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  1. I really don't get it. For starters, what the hell is a Blue Nun widemouth? Sounds completely made up. I've never seen it. Second, I don't see what's all that bad about Blue Nun. I kind of like it. True, depending on what type you get, it can be on the sweet side. but, I never thought it was so bad.

    "The wine so bad, it made the news." Would have helped if someone included the link to the news article proclaiming Blue Nun to be so bad. Because, I could name a dozen wines off the top of my head that Blue Nun is far superior to.