Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Life is full of hard choices

So let's be perfectly honest with ourselves for a moment.  Stop sucking in your gut, don't stand up straight, go to a mirror, look yourself in the eye long and hard and ask yourself "What beer should I drink?"

Then we'd like you to honestly post you answer in the comments section.  Or lie and say it's the Utopia (It's not, liar!)

I'll go first:  If I answer the questions honestly, it has me drinking Molson or Labatt.  Not my favorites, but I have had them.  There's many beers on that list that I enjoy, both cheap and expensive; but I wish I could say the answer is Elsinore.  I hear if you take them a bottle with a mouse in it, they'll like, give you free beer.

Source for that nifty flowchart

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