Thursday, December 10, 2009

Come on, who's gonna ever find out?

The biggest problem facing modern drinkers?  Cameras.

Everyone has at least three cameras on their person at any given time.  Every single device sold at Best Buy has a fucking camera in it.  Every phone, PDA, mp3 player, cigarette lighter, and toaster strudel has a fucking camera built into it for no damn reason.  I hear tell they're even working on a camera that has a little camera mounted on top. And for the most part, these devices go unused.  Because they're shit.  The reason your lipstick case has a camera in it is because the camera is so substandard that it cost almost no money to build one into it.  If someone really wants to take pictures of something, they bring a camera that isn't embedded into a coffee mug because even if it's 12 years old and went through the wash in your jacket pocket a few times, it takes far superior pictures.

As a result, the hand sanitizer with the shitty Chinese CCD chip in the lid stays in your brother's girlfriend's purse... until someone does something stupid.

That's how you get this


  1. ROFL. This was great for a chuckle. I'm guessing this link is NSFW, so I'm gonna wait until I get home to check it out.

    Camera with a camera mounted on it... *chuckle*.


  2. Actually, it's pretty safe for work. No nudity.

  3. And yet for some strange reason, there happen to be no random embarassing photos of me floating around the interwebs. Weird, huh?

  4. It's all about timing. I almost had my phone out in time to catch a photo of Paddy no-rinse sanitizing your penis. But not quite.

    And last Saturday, once you started bleeding all over the place, I just wanted to go home.

    But there's always this weekend!