Saturday, November 28, 2009

Fermentation Friday for November, Roundup 1

Hey, we're still waiting on some more contributors for FF and will be posting a full roundup on Monday. So far Adam keep up his natural Pennsylvanian independence by figuring stuff out himself, with help from the Internet and his local clubs and shops, and some hindrance from his friends. Independent though he may be, he still is a central node for a lot of beer bloggers, which he has the humility not to mention, so I will.

Bob tells us about his search for a club, the weird brewing patterns of Texans and his ability to tap into an ephemeral cloud of knowledge to feed his habit. Is sounds like he's doing it the old-school way some of the pioneers have done it, which is nice to see. Check out the rest of his site, and send him some sympathy for missing the hunt this year, no one up here has so much as seen anything with antlers!

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  1. R. Dicks: Yeah, so if you checked out are site late Friday night, I guess I misunderstood how things are supposed to work with this. Luckily M. Randolph set me straight. When I saw it was 9:30 PM and none of us at the JABB crew had posted anything yet, I thought we had dropped the ball. I was wrong. Thanks for clarifying M.

    My Bad