Monday, November 23, 2009

Donnie Iris Don't Work at Pants N'at!


  1. Whut do you mean Donnie don't work at Pants n'at! My brudder waz dahn at Eastland just last week, n he sayz Donnie gave him a great deal ahn a pair of corduroy pants. Got em used off of some guy whose got shot over in S'liberty. 50% off an only has a small bloodstain ahn the wun leg. Of course my brudder passed on it because hes a jagoff and don't know a good deal from a plate of halušky.

  2. Git aht, ya jagoff. At ain't no Donnie Iris! At's Donnie's brudder Lonnie. Donnie Iris don't wurk no Pants N'at!

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