Friday, August 21, 2009

Save DoD

No, I'm not typing some hand-shaking-from-DTs missive about saving D&D. Drinks Over Dearborn, fine boutique purveyor of spirits, beer and wine in Chicago's River North are trying to stay afloat in this bad economy. Having opened not long before the recession hit, they are one of the finest stores around in terms of recommendations, unique tipple and education.

In the interest of full disclosure, we had our BJCP class there and I've gotten to know Kyle as a really generous guy who knows a ton about drinks. He's a certified Sommelier, in a guild of bartenders (who knew there was such a thing), and with this venture master of his own domain. He hosted a wicked cool speakeasy party a while back, to support the Museum of the American Cocktail. BB King's daughter even fronted the band. After the party I watched a friend fall down a flight of stairs, just in case you thought you weren't reading the right blog.

If you're in Chicago, go check it out. If you're not in Chicago, tell your friends who do live here to go check it out. If you're ordering for a big event, screw Binny's and order from Kyle. We do for work and he's always given us great recommendations*. Sign-up for their twitter, or e-mail list if you get a chance.

(Image used without permission from DoD's website)

*Also, I've got beef with the walrus looking dude that runs the wine department at my local Binny's. And they are a soul-less chain. Plus, I hear they kick puppies. And who the hell stocks a $15,000 bottle of cognac 1/2 a mile from some of the worst poverty in the country? Get the pitchforks.

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