Friday, May 22, 2009

Yuengling Bock

Ahh, Yuengling Bock. You claim your beer "lives up to the quality Yuengling drinkers have come to expect." Is that the 'nicer' version of a mass produced approximations of a style, because that's what I get from your bock. A good 12 weeks after release I got some [8-10 my ass] ($4 for 32 oz growler) and I'm just not blown away. I like bocks, but I like bocks with body and character. This is just full-flavored boring. Like regular Yuengling. And like those Eastern PA beer swilling asses who've suddenly upgraded from Sam Adams. Good for the price, but not really good.

Now, the Genesee I had earlier was great. Cold, expected to be boring, slightly corny. Like going back to your high school and finding the same creature comforts available from the same places.

And yet Genny falters the Yuengling beer is incredibly popular. Well made, well marketed, its astounding. People whine about not getting Yuengling in Chicago all the time. But they're Cubs hat wearing Chad's trying to get their Trixie girlfriends drunk. Fuck them.

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