Friday, May 8, 2009

Wandered off, sorry.

So, I've wandered off of late, as has BJames. R Dicks is hanging in alright, but the other two of us wandered off. Now: McPaddy hasn't posted at all, so we just tell stories about him. BJames has been busy, but I've just been banging around my office a nervous wreck, when I'm not napping under my desk. Been drinking, but not much. Actually drinking half-bottles of beer at home, thanks to SWMBO suggesting if I didn't want a whole beer, I could just use my capper-thing to seal one up. Which I do, so I'll have halves of two different beers instead of two or three. Pretty nice. Of late I've been trying to hit the gym harder than the bottle, but its a close race.

Back to the drinking. Went to the CBS meeting this week, Randy Mosher led us through some basic tasting with the sweet new Siebel kits. I took a porter that received meh reviews. Not surprised, I didn't think it was all that good myself, sad since the earlier version was good. I used dry yeast this time and had a hard time getting the kettle up to boil, so I think some vegetal flavors snuck in. Good roast again, could have mashed higher or had some carapils in it. Bitter tomorrow, and that will form the yeast cake for an oatmeal stout. That's about it for the boring diary. Tomorrow or Sunday I'll be back with some more commentary. I've let myself lapse into obnoxious navel gazing, while my fellows move along with some awesome booze commentary. I'll catch up guys... Also, we're now on twitter. We might be sharing a single account- which will be some awesome schizophrenic fun!

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