Sunday, March 15, 2009

Victory is Mine

Haha! For once the tables have turned. B James is the one whose probably nursing a huge hangover this morning while I was up bright and early. Survived the evening and no Hard Choice for me this morning. B. James, I feel your pain.

Richard Dicks

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  1. Actually... no. No hangover whatsoever. And that's just part of the bigger mystery of the evening. I didn't drink that much, and I wasn't really drunk, but I suddenly got dizzy and nauseous. I made myself throw up, so I suppose that was the hard choice, then I went home and went to bed. But I wasn't drunk. It's a mystery.

    Your wife thinks it's because I'd gone for a bit of a run to catch up with the group on the drunken stumble around the neighborhood. More proof that strenuous physical activity is bad for you. In fact- worse for you than binge drinking! Just take a moment to let that soak in.

    But although I am not hung over, and in fact I'm in good health and spirits today, I do look like a zombie. For some reason, all the blood vessels in my face break when I throw up. So I look like hell, and I do feel bad that I missed out on whatever revelry occurred after I left.

    But no hangover.