Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Athletic Prowess

A couple of weeks ago B. James had an unfortunate incident with combining drinking and moderate exercise.

...He ralphed.

So it led me to wonder. Can alcohol coexist with sports and exercise?

True, sporting events have always had beer available for the fans, but you don't see the offensive line tapping a keg on the sidelines instead of a bright orange Gatorade container. I've run races where there have been picnics afterwords and beer is provided. I've always thoroughly enjoyed a nice cold one after a race. Hell, even when running the Great Race through Pittsburgh, I've always remembered to hit the race keg the college kids have setup along the course as it passed through Pitt's Campus. I like to throw one back and grab a second to dump on my head. Ahh! ...Refreshing!

So I guess from my personal experience, I'll say "yes, the two can coexist in moderation." But that's my opinion. A gentleman by the name of Tim Crytser had the same question I did. Check out what he had to say on the subject.

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  1. On On!

    Indeed alcohol and exercise CAN coexist! Several people where I work participate in Hashes, a collection of running games that involve running from one location to another, and chugging beers at each stop.

    Perhaps I should go to a happy hour with them someday and post an interview of sorts?