Monday, March 1, 2010

Wreckless Man

Ok, so this isn't a video.  There is a video out there somewhere of this song being performed live on a back porch at a party full of high schoolers drinking moonshine, and it's completely and entirely awesome, but it's no longer online as far as I can tell.  CMT had it on their site (it was from an excellent CMT program on illegal liquor called "Moonshine Madness"), but they've long since removed it from their site.  I've been looking for a copy of the video for years, but I just can't find it.

However, my latest attempt turned up a recorded version that same band did.  It seems they're called "Virginia Ground" but I think CMT called them "The Back Porch Boys" or something like that, perhaps they weren't officially a band at that point.  This recording is very good, but lacks the neat vibe the video had; just seeing some 17 year old dudes drinking illegal liquor at a party late at night in the backwoods suddenly pull out instruments and go to town.  Still, this might be the closest I get to sharing this without buying a copy of the DVD somewhere, ripping it, uploading it to YouTube, and hoping enough people see it before YouTube takes it down for copyright reasons.  So without further ado, here's Virginia Ground playing "Wreckless Man"

If you ever get a chance, check out the CMT program CMT Most Shocking: Moonshine Madness. Even if you don't like country music at all (I'm certainly not the biggest fan in the world), it's a fascinating look into illegal liquor and covers some topics most of the History Channel programs leave out.

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  1. So Virginia Ground is back together now after 11 years.