Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Sorry its been a while since I rapped at ya'll. I'm just getting home from yoga with my wife and maybe the 'Namaste' has cleared my mind for more dick jokes.

A lot has been going on of late brewing-wise for me. I've been judging, and blogging about that judging. I'd tell you the link but that would defeat the purpose of this being semi-anonymous. I've made a bunch of beers, but didn't place any of them lately, so I'm a bit grumpy.

I break my silence to bring you breaking news straight from Chicagoist! They've just had a massive snowball session with Dogfish head. It shows a ton of class on their part that they would go ahead and respond to a twitter complaint. This is outweighed only by the naivete of the author who seems to think this had nothing to do with his position as a beer reviewer in a major market. A major market that is 2 weeks away from hosing the Craft *fucking* Brewers Conference! Nice all around, and snowball away. I for one am sorry your extreme beer tasted like grape instead of wood and the Calagiones are a class act. I just hope their new Italian-power Manhattan brewpub doesn't turn into a crowded velvet-rope/scenester pile of pretentious shit like most of midtown. Can New York City support a real brewpub; no, history shows. Can it support celebrity stuff- until TMZ stops caring. If anyone can pull of the conversion it is two of the most X-treme brewers in the country. Thankfully, they can both brew good beers that aren't fermented from a hot air balloon, so their might be room for all.

After all, Penn Brewing has a pale fucking ale out; so anything is possible. I bet Gordon-Bierch's new mild will rock!

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