Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Plastic abounds, and a crash...

Wow, 2 posts in one day. Its been a good day for beer news, so enjoy it while you can. First off, ripped straight from the pages of Hop Talk.
This weekend I took the BJCP exam for the first time. That's a different story- wait for it until I get my results at Christmas Time. It was in the distribution and brewing warehouse of 2 Brothers brewing out in DuPage County west of Chicago. There they had the first I've seen of the plastic casks.
This specimen is a pin- a 5.4 gallon cask for real ale. They also make all the usual sizes. The idea is to stop people from stealing the kegs for scrap- though also it might stop them from stealing them for keggles, I'd imagine. They are lighter, seem durable on the outside. But what of putting in this acidic, alcoholic (alcohol is a solvent) mixture for weeks or months. Or even years if you've got your special double fermented oak, bourbon and monkey semen aged barleywine? Plastics may be the future, as Arthur Miller told us, but the future is also terrifying and bleak. Enjoy your death beer- I'll stick with steel. Hard, malleable, deadly, useful for making pots, wheels, shields, and heavy enough to throw at a mutuated donkey kong.

Speaking of death-steel, check out the overturned beer truck in the W. Burbs this morning.


  1. Hmm, monkey semen barleywine. Nothing goes down smoother.

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