Thursday, June 25, 2009


Man, fucking drinking in DC. No wonder politicians move here and become humourless drinks. Good food, sure. But 10 taps and your best beer is SN pale ale? $9 for a Wild Turkey, AFTER THE WAITRESS ASKS ME IF THAT IS A KIND OF RUM, tells me they don't have it, disappears for 5 minutes when I ask her what bourbons they have, only to return, surprised, with some turkey. Christ, I'll be happy to be trapped at the hotel bar the next two days. At least this way I can drink at lunch.

Since I wrote this, note that Gordon Biersch actually twittered me, which was nice. I had their Heffe, and it was a highlight, full of clovey goodness. Also, the conference reception was cash bar (boo) but the Manhattans were the size of water glasses and full of vermouth. The hotel bar was pouring the 'craft' A-B beers. They sucked, I tried to warn my colleagues.


  1. I just got back from DC this week too. I had the same experience. Yuengling and Sam Adams Summer Ale were the "micros", and everyone had them. The best selection I saw in DC was actually at the airport.

  2. Yea, freaking killed me. The booze was consistently overpriced and the beer selection was awful. Gordon Biersch was cool, I'd never been to one before. I should have mentioned, we went to this neat Ethiopian place that had a KILLER African made stout in bottles. Not on the menu, but awesome.

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