Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Not exactly booze: Fuck soft-rock, at least Disco had rhythm!

There is a nice grocery store up the street from me that recently opened a cafe. I couldn't bring myself to yelp the following, so I'm posting it here:
I stopped into the cafe for a lovely mint tea, but made the massive mistake of forgetting my headphones (yes, yes, rookie mistake). The soundtrack was like being transported to the passenger seat of my mother's car circa 1997! I can just about hang with the country music -- we all love cold beer and miss our dead dogs --  but I'm going home to play Madden instead of waiting for whatever soft-rock crooner to get her heart unbroken, or at least until Celine's career sinks as deep as the ship has. 
Ugh. Drinking less makes me nicer; which makes me sad.

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