Sunday, December 28, 2008

Brooklyn Local One

I'm having a Brooklyn Local One at the moment, upstate at my in-laws' farm. I got the bottle in NYC at a supermarket, and it seemed cheap at $9 (as opposed to about 12 at my local). I was worried that it hadn't been handled well, and think this might be the case. I tried to do a proper BJCP score sheet, which is below. The beer is musty, sour and bitter. I am not a huge light Belgian fan, so this might be standard for the style. I'm saddened that the beer isn't named after IATSE local one, but am overall unimpressed. There is some metal in the finish and mustiness. 

I'd like to mention that I also had a Stone Imperial Russian Stout last night. This was good, sweet and copmplex with a little alcohol. To take a break from thinking, I drank without thinking of a review, which I"m glad about. I also made my first Hot Buttered Rum, notes to follow. It was a 2007 release, and I am slowly learning the releases differ by year and are meant to be collected and cellared like wine. I'm not sure how I really feel about this, but have a definite opinion, which will be shared shortly.

Brooklyn Local One:
(10) Aroma- Citrus, yeast, some hops, and sweetness
(2) Appearance- Cloudy, orange, tiny bubbles with only ok retention.
(14) Flavor- Starts sweet, has some bitterness on the middle and sour on the end. Musty. Ends clean, but with a metallic finish.
(3) Mouthfeel- Medium to full, low carbonation, and not very (nearly) lively.
(3) Overall- This beer tastes off, it could be skunked or it could have soured. It was not well kept in the supermarket. 

Score: 32

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