Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Choose Wisely...

What Youre Saying with Your Drink Choice - Image 18

I drink all sorts of stuff in all sorts of places, and I have to say the way people look at you and act around you really does depend on what you're drinking.  Now I'm not known for giving too many fucks about what people think of me, but sometimes the impression you make can be very important.  One situation that springs to mind is entering a bar for the first time.  I've walked into new places and felt perfectly at home, and I've walked into places and gotten the cold shoulder; but I've always found that if I walk up to the bar and order a double Wild Turkey on the rocks, you seem to gain the respect and tolerance of any regulars.  Maybe they're impressed that you can stomach it, maybe they're glad someone finally killed the bottle they've seen sitting there for eight years, or maybe they're just glad that you're actually there to drink and not ask the bartender to change the TV channel and load up music they hate on the jukebox.  Whatever the reason, it seems to buy you into their good graces, if only a little bit.  Just a tip.

Anyway, this all came up because of an amusing post on College Humor called "What You're Saying with Your Drink Choice."  I, of course, disagree with the whiskey ones, but for the most part there seems to be a lot of truth in it.  Also, I think someone should really print those on coasters.  No home bar would be complete without a set.

What do you think other drinks say about people?  What's your go-to drink, and what do you think it says about you?